Lovina Srivastava

Provincial Liberal Candidate - Nepean 



After a hotly contested nomination with over 3000 members, Lovina Srivastava emerged as a winner, becoming the Liberal candidate from Nepean for upcoming provincial elections in June 2018.

Thanks to each and every one of you who came out and voted on Dec 3rd. Getting 50% of the membership come out and vote during nomination is a matter of pride for all of us as it reflects the members' engagement in the democratic process.

It is now time to gear up for 2018 provincial election. Remember:

We have to win this riding, We can and WE WILL!!

About Me

My Background

Bright, energetic, personally engaging and a terrific speaker. 

I am a hi-tech professional, entrepreneur and an active contributor to social, cultural, political and professional causes. 

I have been living in the Nepean riding since 2000 with my husband and two children.

My Involvement

  • President, Nepean Women’s Liberal Association
  • Former Executive Vice President, Nepean Federal Liberal Association
  • Co-chair,  School Council - John McCrae S.S. and other social initiatives
  • Founder and Artistic Director, Darpan Performing Arts
  • Former Chair, Ottawa Software Process Improvement Network 
  • Founding Director, Ottawa Software Quality Association

I Will Work Towards

  • Economic growth by creating high quality jobs
  • Curriculum that aligns better with industry needs
  • Bridging programs for people with foreign degrees for better integration
  • Improving health care facilities in the riding
  • Better senior care options
  • Improved access to a variety of art and creative programs