Our Economic Future

My Goals for Nepean

Friday, May 11, 2018

At election time, one of the most pressing points of interest is the economy and jobs. How is the economy performing? What economic benefits and opportunities are there for me in my community? Will my children inherit a stable and prosperous market, with plentiful options in their chosen profession? Not everyone wants to have to move to find a job. Where we are from, the place we call home, proximity to our relatives, sometimes that is what is most important to us. Commuting is an everyday reality for many people, but it shouldn’t always have to be. It is important that we think critically about how we can bring jobs to the ridings we represent.

I have lived in Barrhaven for decades. I chose to move here and raise a family because of everything it had to offer: recreation, green space, inclusivity, a sense of community, and a large pool of talent and knowledge that helps other professionals grow. It is my home, I feel close to it, to the people, and I desire the same chances for success that were made available to me. This is why my cardinal priority for the riding of Nepean is jobs: good jobs, technical jobs, middle class jobs that can sustain a family and the standard of living we expect to be able to make.

I want to help bring more jobs to barrhaven, technical jobs, businesses, specialized professions that can make this community a leader in world class careers. Having worked for many years in the tech sector, I know the realities of clusters of specialization bring industry leaders to settle and start their businesses in areas that become central hubs of knowledge and expertise. There is an enormous tech hub in Kitchener-Waterloo that I have experienced personally with my time as an employee for Blackberry. Nepean has access to similar hubs: access to the Ottawa core, the growth of Kanata, and an expanding, vibrant array of businesses in our own backyard. With the right incentives, the right investments, and the right decisions, we can build on what we have already achieved and give our entrepreneurs a real reason to make Nepean the home for their startup and the perfect place to grow their businesses. This will give our neighbours, our families, our friends, access to better jobs that will lead to an even more prosperous community.

In the weeks to come, I will lay out more of the priority areas for my candidacy. Let’s achieve this goal together. Let’s work hard to boost our economy and bring new, innovative, and groundbreaking opportunities to Nepean.