Urgent Care Units

Monday, May 14, 2018

As Canadians, we often take for granted how lucky we are to have a single payer healthcare system. During a medical emergency, or just for a routine checkup, we are able to see a doctor free of charge in that moment, because we, as a society, all contribute together to allow for a single system to function and provide one of the most necessary services to everyone, free from discrimination and financial restriction. Socialized healthcare has given everyone the opportunity to seek medical advice and attention, when needed.

While our system is both fair and meets high standards, accessibility may not always equal. In Barrhaven, there is only one Urgent Care Centre, the Rideau Valley Health Centre, to service all of the constituents. While it is a state of the art facility, being the only location where the people of Barrhaven can go conveniently to access medical services may present some difficulties. Also, unlike the rest of the Ottawa region, there is no health care centre that is open seven days a week, meaning those living in Barrhaven would have to travel into Kanata or father into Ottawa to receive medical services.  

An Urgent Care Unit is a facility that treats approximately 80% of the ailments normally treated in a hospital emergency room. Like a hospital emergency unit, an Urgent Care Unit is staffed by registered nurses, emergency physicians, and general practitioners to serve the medical needs of the community. Urgent Care Units offer shorter wait times and maintain high-quality urgent care, making them ideal for situations that do not require ambulatory services or the most serious resources present in hospital emergency rooms.

It is my desire to bring more urgent care units to Nepean. With more units, we could free up some of the strain on Ottawa hospitals that we know can experience overcrowding, while providing more local access to health care for the people of Nepean, and will produce more well paying jobs.