Contemporary Curricula in Post-Secondary Institutions

Sunday, May 27, 2018

More people today are achieving post-secondary education and graduate degrees than ever before. Access to knowledge has rapidly expanded, people are more connected, and institutions of higher learning are becoming more accessible and a necessary path to success for many different careers. With the internet so widely available and an explosion of educated citizens, we truly live in the information age.

While this is fantastic news, there are certain academic pursuits that do not necessarily meet the requirements and realities of the workforce. Practical and theoretical academic knowledge may not reflect the work environment, or may not be keeping up to date with the knowledge and technology in the market, and by the time individuals finish school they are already left behind. This requires a new and more proactive method to teaching and the development of curricula that allows students of higher education to have the skills they need when they enter the workforce, looking for their first jobs.

I would like to work with all of my counterparts from across all partylines to ensure we are doing right by our students and making sure our graduates are the most competitive and knowledgeable in the global market. My extensive experience in the tech sector has given me the opportunity to learn about and develop the skills that these employers are looking for, and I want those requirements to be reflected in our places of learning to the best degree possible. I hope I have your support on June 7th and in this important endeavour.